Medicare Information Seminar

December 19, 2013

At Elder Advocates and the Center for Memory Management, we are constantly receiving questions regarding Medicare. Questions such as, How do I sign up?, What should I sign up for?, What plan would be best for me?. We turn 65 and are thrown into this maze of options and have no idea which direction to go. This is the time in our life when we should be able to slow down and relax. Instead, we have to deal with the burden of switching to Medicare, and how to go about it.  On November 17, 2013 Carolyn P. Neil, President of Elder Advocates, held a free Medicare Information Seminar. In this seminar she explained the basics of Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D. She also answered questions and provided professional guidance to those in attendance. We received wonderful feedback about this Seminar, and hope to provide the public with similar seminars in the future.

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