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April 23, 2014

Trying to navigate the healthcare system and end of life planning can be very complicated to most individuals. As we and/or our loved ones age, we are thrown into this sea of situations that we have never dealt with before. Elder Advocates, Inc. was formed to provide trained experts in the field of elder care to help families determine the best course of action, and then guide the family to the extent that they desire. While many families may only have one or two issues that they need guidance with, other families have need of a more long term relationship. In this type of situation an Elder Advocates team member becomes, almost, a part of the family. This is the case with the Lewis/ Walker family.


Carolyn Pointer Neil, Owner/ Advocate, met the Lewis family a couple of years ago when she moved into the house across the street. When she noticed that the newspapers were piling up in the driveway, she knew that something was wrong. “She took action and got the neighbors together to help.” Stated Barbara Lewis Walker (Sister) “I don’t know what we would have done without her. She is like an extended daughter.” Carolyn assisted the family in facility placement, connecting them to legal and financial groups, end of life/ funeral planning, and continues to help them with estate resolution.

When I asked Mrs. Walker how she felt about Elder Advocates and the services that they had provided for her and her family, she stated, “I couldn’t have survived without them.” She expressed how that this company was so needful. “I would recommend them to anyone who is going through this. Carolyn has been indispensable to me.”

Taking care of loved ones should not become a burden. Families should be able to enjoy their time together and not have to worry about “What comes next?” Elder Advocates can help to take the stress and frustration off of your shoulders, allowing you to relish the time that you have with your loved ones.


Barbara Lewis Walker and Carolyn Pointer Neil


Mindy Cox

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