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Carolyn Pointer Neil is one of the strongest leaders I have had the pleasure to work with. She exhibits the rare combination of true expertise in her field, superior leadership and coaching skills, and a caring and “no-nonsense” approach. She is a person of highest character and integrity. I would entrust any of my loved ones to her care.

– Linda Gabbard
Best Practice Chair (GA, TN, AL), Vistage International
President, Framework Initiatives Co. Inc.

It is hard to imagine a more desperate and helpless feeling than when my 81 year old mother called me to tell me that my 83 year old father had taken an unexpected and serious turn for the worse while recovering from surgery – and being unable to get to them to understand the complete situation.  I was fortunate enough to be able to call on Carolyn Pointer to get advice and even to visit with my parents to assess the situation giving assurance to both my mother and me while giving me the straight unvarnished facts of the situation. The information I got from the doctor and staff of the hospital seemed “sanitized” and watered down as though the fear of liability kept them from being as forthright as Carolyn was able to be for me.

– Scott Hilleary
Patient family member

Carolyn Pointer Neil and I have been professional colleagues since 1994. We have worked together on many projects in tertiary care over the years. I am impressed, to say the least, by her commitment to our community and clients. Her integrity and compassion for our aging population is overwhelming.

Just the day before Carolyn introduced Elder Advocates to me I had a client come to the office with the same questions so many clients ask me, “Where do I go from here?” Health care choices and options are so fragmented to the experienced clinicians, I can only imagine how confusing these choices can be for the general population.

Carolyn’s experience will be invaluable to so many people when making such crucial decisions. Her knowledge and contacts in the community will make every decision informed, secure, and confident.

– Eugene Pickett

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